Política de privacidad

1. Nosotros

1.1 Quiénes somos

This website is an online casino and betting guide operated by Game Lounge Ltd, which primarily aims to introduce customers to the best online casino and sportsbook brands on the market. We also feature honest reviews about popular and new online games, informative articles about online gaming, and keep our readers updated about relevant news and special offers.

Should you need to contact us for any reason in relation to your privacy, our Data Protection Officer can be contacted here: dpogamelounge.com.

1.2 Nuestros detalles de contacto

Puede contactarnos:

  1. por correo postal, usando la dirección postal a continuación
  2. usando el formulario de contacto
  3. por teléfono, +356 35500110
  4. por email, dpogamelounge.com

1.3 Persona Oficial/Responsable de la Protección de Datos

Los detalles de contacto de nuestro/a responsable en La Protección de Datos son:

Persona Oficial/Responsable de la Protección de Datos

Game Lounge Limited
Floor 5N
Spinola Park
Triq Mikiel Ang Borg
San Giljan SPK 1000

2. Sobre sus datos

2.1 Datos que procesamos

The personal data we would like to collect/process in Your regard is the following:

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2.2 Cookies, scripts y applets

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Usamos cookies, scripts y applets:

To identify You when You visit the Website and as You navigate the Website. Lo usamos para el siguiente propósito:

To store information about Your preferences and to personalise the Website for You. Lo usamos para el siguiente propósito:

To display advertisements that will be relevant to You. Lo usamos para el siguiente propósito:

To help us to analyse the use and performance of the Website and services. Lo usamos para el siguiente propósito:

Our service providers use cookies and these cookies may be stored on Your computer when You visit the Website. Lo usamos para el siguiente propósito:

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3 Acerca de sus derechos

3.1 At any point in time during Our processing of Your data, You have the following rights. Todas las solicitudes en este sentido pueden hacerse aquí. We will also forward Your request to the relevant 3rd Parties mentioned in Paragraph 2 above as required.

  • Derecho de acceso – you can request a copy of the information that We hold about You.
  • Derecho a la rectificación – you can ask Us to correct data that We hold about You if it’s inaccurate or incomplete.
  • Derecho a ser olvidado – in some situations, You may ask Us to delete all the data We hold about You.
  • Derecho a la restricción del procesamiento – in some situations, You may ask Us to restrict the processing of Your data.
  • Derecho de portabilidad – you may ask Us to transfer the data We hold about You to another organisation.
  • Derecho a oponerse – tiene derecho a oponerse a ciertos tipos de procesamiento, como el marketing directo.
  • Derecho a oponerse al procesamiento automatizado, incluyendo perfiles – usted también tiene el derecho a estar sujeto a los efectos legales del procesamiento o perfil automatizado.
  • Right to complaint about how your Personal Data is being processed by Us (or third parties), or about how Your complaint has been handled - you can lodge a complaint directly with the Office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner (https://idpc.org.mt/) and with Our Data Protection Officer.

The version of this Privacy & Cookies Policy is currently Version 1.2 and was last updated on 15 May 2018. It is valid and applies to You until a new version uploaded on the Website and is accepted by You.